Looking for a high quality Professional Deep Cleaning?

  • Deep cleaning is also called a spring clean as the service is considered as general detailed clean everyone should have at least once every few months. We are used to cleaning ourselves on a daily or weekly basis. However, a basic domestic clean is not always sufficient.
  • If you check different areas of the property carefully, you will be surprised with the hidden amount of dirt, grime, dust, and germs. We all have kitchen cupboards with small jars of spices. How often do you take everything out and clean up that mess on the bottom of the shelf? We cook on a daily basis. However, just having a nice looking oven is not enough. It should be spotless from the inside to ensure the healthy quality of the meal.
  • There are many examples for the purposes of the deep clean, and there is one general conclusion – it takes time and effort. It also needs some professional touch, products, and equipment to achieve the best results.

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You can get an estimate for the cleaning service by contacting us via our contact form or by calling our support. Do not hesitate to ask us anything you might be concerned about. Our goal is to provide you with quality cleaning at accessible prices.

What you get by booking deep cleaning by Shiny London

Every property is different and has different specifications. Below is a list of the general tasks covered during the service.

  • Deep cleaning of the sanitary ware, shower and toilet areas.
  • Descale shower heads.
  • Limescale treatment with professional detergents.
  • Wash and scrub of tiles and walls.
  • Clean the windows and ledges, as well as the door frames and surfaces.
  • Deep clean of the sink.
  • Disinfection.
  • External and internal deep cleaning of all appliances. The oven is included and will not be charged additionally.
  • Clean and dust from the inside and outside of kitchen cupboards, drawers, and shelves. The customer is not required to take everything out. We will arrange the process during the cleaning.
  • Windows and ledges, door frames, surfaces, floors, and skirting boards will be cleaned.
  • Wash windows and ledges, door frames, surfaces, floors and skirting boards.
  • For best results, treat grime and limescale.
  • Disinfection.
  • Clean floors, skirting boards, door frames, windows, and sills.
  • Vacuum and mop.
  • Remove dust from shelves and all types of furniture such as drawers, cabinets, dining chairs, coffee tables, etc.
  • Hoover and refresh upholstery such as sofas, armchairs, mattresses, etc.
  • Clean and dust radiators, windowsills, and baseboards.

*This service includes wall cleaning on tiles and, where applicable, using water. Washing painted walls is not recommended.
The upholstery and carpets will be deeply vacuumed and cleaned. For even better professional results, please review our Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning services. Discounts for combined services!

Detailed information about the Professional Deep Cleaning service

  • Our deep cleaning service quote can be customised according to your requirements. If you combine two or more services you will be receiving a discounted price.
  • We have employees based all over London. You are able to book a cleaning service on the weekends as well.
  • You don’t have to be there during the service, just to provide access to the property and review the results after. We recommend our Oven and Carpet cleaning for shiny looking home.

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We consider that each property has individual needs and deserves special attention. It comes out of the fact that we all are different and each single individual has different habits and pays less or more attention to the cleaning condition of the place we use for living.

We aim for happy customers and spotless results. This is why we created a cleaning package with no time limit for the day. According to the size of the property, we send a different number of cleaners and, depending on the property’s current condition, we guarantee their stay for as long as it is necessary until the spotless result is achieved. You can feel confident that paying a fixed service amount will lead to excellent results.

Professional Deep Cleaning

  • One-Bedroom Property £145
  • Two-Bedroom Property £165
  • Three-Bedroom Property £191
  • Four-Bedroom Property £215
  • Hourly rate (min 3h) £23

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    Vetted cleaners in all London areas providing deep spring cleaning

    We have offered deep cleaning services for a long time. Usually, just one cleaner is not enough to complete the work, as even if the property is small, a very detailed clean should be covered during the service. This will ensure the service level as well as a spotless result at the end of the clean.

    Our deep cleaning is a tailored service. Years of experience gave us the knowledge and professional skills to perform up to the highest quality standards. Our teams are well trained, experienced and professional. We use professional detergents, cleaning solutions, and equipment to achieve a top-quality performance. Our customers expect a deep and proper clean. At the end, they are glad to share that our service brings visible results, a professional attitude, and feelings of joy because everyone needs and deserves a healthy living environment.

    Questions we often receive about our deep cleaning service

    • Do you clean ovens?

      During the service, we perform a deep internal and external oven clean.

    • Do you clean windows?

      Our service offers an external clean of the windows, including ledges and frames. For an external clean, we have an additional professional window cleaning service.

    • Do you clean walls?

      We offer a top-to-bottom deep cleaning service. We clean all areas where spraying and using liquids and water are applicable. The last one doesn’t include painted and wallpapered walls.

    • How long does the deep cleaning service last?

      Each property is treated differently, and the time of the service always varies. Even if the condition is pretty decent, if there are personal belongings everywhere, this will definitely take more time. Once we arrive, our team will inspect the condition and provide an approximate time duration for the service.

    • Do I need to stay during the cleaning?

      Unless you have a passion for cleaning and supervision, it is not necessary to stay present during the cleaning. Our cleaners are professional, trained, and well experienced. Of course, for best results, we always advise our customers to inspect the condition of the property at the end of the service.

    • Do you send female or male cleaners?

      Normally, this would not be an issue because the female cleaners we send are not an average cleaning ladies. We have a different range of services and different teams or individual cleaners who perform only the specific service. Our teams for a deep cleaning service perform only this type of service on a daily basis. Most likely, we will send mixed female and male teams.

    • Can you guarantee full limescale removal?

      We guarantee the best possible results according to the current condition of the limescale.

    • Do you move furniture around?

      We try our best to reach every single spot and remove it during the clean. However, heavy wardrobes filled with personal belongings would not be moved due to safety matters.

    • Do you clean ceilings?

      A ceiling clean is a different service. However, we clean cobwebs and refresh corners.

    • Is this your final price?

      Our prices are final. Once you decide to book the service, our agents will provide a final fixed cost for the cleaning. Please note that if the property is in unusual condition or hasn’t been cleaned for a very long period, these details should be received in advance.

    What do our clients have to say about the Professional Deep Cleaning

    • You were recommended by a friend. I don’t regret using your services.


    • Good service. It seemed that I really needed a deep clean.


    • A high-quality service at an affordable price. Rating of five stars.


    • I am pleased with the service. Unfortunately, my fridge was filled with food and they were not able to use any cleaning products inside.


    • Creating a healthy environment for me and my family means a clean home. I have already booked you twice and each time the result is just perfect.


    • Thank you, guys. It was a great service. Your team did a very good job. I will definitely use it again.


    • I would recommend this company. Their employees were very skilled and efficient. My place was cleaned in no time.


    • I live in a two-bedroom maisonette flat. Sometimes it is difficult to do both upstairs and downstairs. The cleaning team did a great job while I was enjoying a Saturday brunch with my friends.


    • I am glad I used the service and got a combo deal. I hadn’t thought about steam cleaning my carpets, but they gave me a very nice promotion, so now I have the real top-to-bottom full cleaning result.


    • Excellent work. This is a true spring cleaning service. My property looks much better and refreshed. Thank you for the effort.