Clean your home after the holidays

Holidays are fun! Everyone is excited when it is time to celebrate. People gather together, it is often time to go visit your relatives and eat yummy meals. All of this sounds amazing until you decide to host a holiday lunch or dinner and end up with a messy ( yet happy ) house.

Especially around the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays, hosting can be a daunting task. From organising, through the hosting itself, and last but not least – the cleaning. Honestly the last part is the least fun but inevitable indeed. You may feel tired and burned out after all the celebrations and certainly not feel like deep cleaning your whole house. That is exactly why we would like to share some tips on how to make this activity easier and spare yourself some time and effort. Continue reading “Clean your home after the holidays”

How to clean your refrigerator and keep it decluttered?

Refrigerators are great, aren’t they? However, they undergo a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Every time you stuff it full, forget leftovers, spill things in it – your fridge suffers. And so do you because it starts smelling. How often do you remember to clean it? In this article we will show you how to clean your fridge in an hour, as well as some tips and tricks on how to keep it clean and decluttered. So plug your fridge out and follow these steps.

  1. Remove food – Toss any old, expired and rotten food in the bin. While cleaning it, store the food that is still good in a cooler with ice.
  2. Remove all shelves and drawers – Take all removable parts from the inside of your fridge. Keep in mind that if you have glass or ceramic pieces, you will have to let them gradually warm up before soaking them in hot water. This will prevent cracking.
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How to use vinegar to get rid of mould?

Mould can be found in so many places around the house – mainly the bathroom, basement, laundry rooms and more. Basically any place where the levels of humidity are high. What is more, it can grow on furniture, mattresses, cupboards and appliances. There are different types of mould and depending on which one you got, cleaning can be super easy or not so much.

If you are having a large area that is mouldy, you may need to call a professional cleaning company to take care of it. They can come test it and remove it in a safe way which will prevent it from coming back soon after. It is important to turn to a professional in such a situation because there are a number of dangerous types of mould that should be specially treated, in order to not cause a threat. Continue reading “How to use vinegar to get rid of mould?”

What does a deep cleaning involve?

Sometimes, the general cleaning our houses receive once in a while is simply not enough. If you have noticed that your house is not as clean as it should be, maybe it is time for a deep clean. This type of cleaning is usually performed when you first move into a house, during the holiday season or if you are holding an important event at home, for example. However, deep cleaning can be the perfect way to start on a clean slate, prepare for the warm months, or simply declutter your home and have it in its optimal condition once again.Many people choose to have their homes deep cleaned in spring ( Spring Cleaning). However, it is very suitable to get this done in autumn as well. The point of this cleaning is to get rid of dirt and rubbish that have been sitting in your house for a while, clean places that you usually do not pay attention to and sanitise places in your house that gather most dirt and microbes. When deep cleaning, you must cover all places of your home and especially those that need extra attention.

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