Professional Oven Cleaning in Enfield provided by Shiny London

Our company has been on the cleaning market for nearly a decade. We have developed a wide range of cleaning services for all our customers and worked hard in order to make all of them high quality and affordable. One of our more popular services is Professional Oven Cleaning. We employ experienced and skilled professionals and provide them with some of the best cleaning tools and products. We ensure the thorough cleaning of your oven so whenever you are in need of help with this type of cleaning, feel free to give us a call and schedule the service.

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    What is included in our Professional Oven Cleaning

    1. The cleaners arrive and inspect the overall condition of your oven.
    2. They put a protective cover on the floor underneath it.
    3. The technicians will disassemble your oven and remove all parts (grills, shelves, covers, stove top parts etc.).
    4. They will soak all those parts in a heated tank with a cleaning solution.
    5. While the parts are soaking, they will cover the interior of your oven with cleaning paste and let it sit for a bit.
    6. In the meantime, the stove top will be scrubbed, degreased and disinfected.
    7. The parts will be removed, scrubbed, washed, and rinsed.
    8. The cleaning product will be wiped from the inside of the oven. The walls, top, floors, and the inside of your door will be disinfected.
    9. All parts will be placed back and the cover will be removed.
    10. Your oven will be ready to use as soon as the cleaners are done with the service.

    Living in Enfield and looking for reliable Professional Oven Cleaning

    • When you book the Professional Oven Cleaning with Shiny London expect nothing but the best quality results.
    • The most suitable team of cleaners will be sent to your place. They will arrive prepared with all tools and products needed for the job. The interior, exterior, as well as all removable parts of your oven will be degreased, scrubbed, and disinfected.
    • What is more, you will be able to use your oven as soon as the cleaners are done with the service thanks to the high quality cleaning products we use. Give us a call right away and schedule your appointment with us.

    We will calculate a personalised price for your Professional Oven Cleaning

    Book any service we provide and get a free quote over the phone. If you are interested in the Professional Oven Cleaning we provide, please contact us. Our office agents will estimate a price specifically for you and provide you with a free quote over the phone. You will only be charged for the tasks listed in your specific service, so there will be no surprises.

    Oven Cleaning Services

    • Single Oven Cleaning £60
    • Double Oven Cleaning from £79
    • Extractor Cleaning £20
    • Cooker Hob Cleaning £23
    • Fridge Cleaning £60

    Looking for Professional Oven Cleaning in these areas?

    Professional oven cleaners will be providing high quality results to you

    Some of the most professional cleaners will be taking care of the cleanliness of your oven. They will use all their skills, as well as the top quality tools and products we provide all of them with. No effort or time will be spared on their side and you may rest assured that your favourite kitchen appliance is in good hands and will be left immaculate by the end of the service.

    Shiny London offers a Professional Oven Cleaning including all the tasks you need done

    If you are interested in the Professional Oven Cleaning we offer, give us a call and book the perfect service. You will be able to pick all the tasks that will be performed at your place. Choose what you feel like you need the most and let your booking agent. You can also book additional tasks and requests. The cleaners on our team will ensure that everything is done in your best interests.

    Questions we get asked about the Oven Cleaning service performed by our technicians:

    • How long will the service take?

      That depends on the size and condition of your oven. Usually, most ovens can be completely cleaned within 2 hours.

    • Will I be able to use my oven straight away?

      Yes! All products used by our cleaners are non-toxic, save for human health and fragrance free. You will be able to use your oven straight away.

    • Are your cleaning teams available during the weekend?

      Yes, you are able to schedule one of your services 7 days a week. Make sure you let your booking agent know the exact date and time you would like to book.

    • My oven has not been cleaned in a while, do you ensure complete grease and grime removal?

      All members of our team are experienced and will do their best to get rid of all dirt from your oven. If there is an excess amount of grime, they will take as long as needed to remove all of it and provide you with excellent results.

    • Do you work with all types of ovens?

      We clean most types of ovens – single, double or combination ranges, gas or electric ovens, convection ovens, and microwaves. If you have an unusual type of oven, feel free to talk to your booking agent about it. They will pick the most suitable cleaners for the job.

    • Will you clean the glass door of my oven?

      Yes, we can clean the glass door of your oven, unless some grease got in between the glass panels and the appliance needs to be taken apart. That action may cancel your warranty. Surface grease and grime will be scrubbed and removed completely.

    • What type of products do you use and are they safe?

      We use top quality professional tools and products for all our services. The cleaners will be treating your oven with odour-free, non-toxic and biodegradable products that are safe for your health, as well as the health of your children and pets. Feel free to let your booking agent know about any allergies or product preferences you might have.

    What our clients say about our Professional Oven Cleaning

    • Call this company right now and book one of their amazing services. You will be impressed with the quality of their work.


    • I keep recommending this company to all my friends and family. You should book them and see for yourself.


    • The results I receive never fail to impress me. Thank you!


    • Awesome results and reasonable prices. A company that is worth booking.