End of Tenancy Cleaning

End-Of-Tenancy_CleaningDo you feel nervous about the inventory check? Do you feel that, even though you did your best to clean up the rented property and spent hours on end scrubbing and polishing everything, you will still fail the final inspection?

Are you concerned about whether your landlord will be satisfied enough with the condition of their property when you return the keys? There is no reason to panic, because we from Shiny London are here and ready to help and get you through the unpleasant moving-out. We from Shiny London offer professional end of tenancy cleaning services available for booking throughout the week and also on bank holidays as well. Rely on our help and you will receive a full refund on your deposit money

End of Tenancy Cleaning Our Prices
Studio Flat £94 £79
One Bedroom Flat £133 £113
Two Bedroom Flat £154 £145
Three Bedroom Flat £177 £167

Having spent years working in the field of end of tenancy cleaning, we have observed that for the outgoing tenant there seems to be nothing more stressful than moving house and starting a new life.

We have a team dedicated to the cleaning

shiny london end of tenancyThat is because it is never enough to simply pack up and leave – on the contrary, you have to deal with inventory checks, check-outs, packing, getting used to the new neighbourhood and the new neighbours, arranging the formalities and your personal stuff, etc. All this adds up to make your experience feel even worse.

Well, if you choose Shiny London to assist you, you will be able to relax. Because with us you can rest assured that you will pass the final inspection and you will definitely please your landlord. This is not all, however. You will also save yourself time and grave efforts, too.

  • We will comply with your busy schedule
  • Our service comes with a 48-hour guarantee
  • The job will be done by a team of professionals
  • Shiny London has appealing performance-price ratios
  • You can rest assured because you will pass the final inspection

shiny london end of tenancyInstead of trying to squeeze another time- and effort-consuming activity such as the end of tenancy cleaning, we would like to lend you a helping hand.

We guarantee that every inch of your rented property will be professionally cleaned and we will not turn a blind eye on a single detail, too. Book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services, we promise perfect results.

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We know what most tenants miss when they clean their rented premises and we assure you that not even one of our technicians will turn a blind eye on a detail. You can get on with your arrangements concerning your new rental property and let us deal with your current rental place.

We aim at effectiveness at all costs

  • Total sanitation of bathrooms
  • Disinfection of all kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning of windows from the inside
  • Elimination of grease and grime from all kitchen appliances
  • Professional vacuuming of all carpets and mopping of hardwood floors

What is more, our professional cleaning company invests grave efforts in order to keep up with today’s trends, do’s and don’ts in the field of tenancy cleaning. This enables us to better understand the requirements of the landlord and the wishes of the tenant. We are confident enough to state that we can make both sides happy.